• patient with severe leg swelling due to lymphedema


    This image shows lymphedema in the right lower leg.

  • Here is a lymphedema patient who had a remarkable transformation in a matter of weeks. Aero-Wrap was able to minimize the lower leg swelling in both legs as well as reduce the pain associated with her condition.

  • massive reduction in leg size of lymphedema patient after using Aero-Wrap compression sleeve

    After 1 Month

    Here, you can see the results of using Aero-Wrap for just one month.

  • venous leg ulcer


    This patient had a venous ulcer on the right ankle.

  • severe venous leg ulcers has already begun to heal using Aero-Wrap gradient compression system

    With the help of our revolutionary AeroBolster wound care bandages paired with Aero-Wrap...

  • venous leg ulcer showing advanced healing after only 3 weeks using Aero-Wrap and AeroBolster

    After 3 Weeks

    The wound began to heal after just three weeks!

before and after image of chronic venous insufficiency skin changes following use of Aero-Wrap air compression wrap

Using Aero-Wrap for Venous Disease of the Lower Legs

This is an example of venous disease in the lower limb. With this patient, the progression was caught well before a venous ulcer was able to settle in and the results prove how well Aero-Wrap compression works to return a healthy venous flow.

The results you see here are after just one week!

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