• Thin

    Made from super-thin ballistic nylon fabrics, Aero-Wrap fits discreetly under your clothing.

  • freedom in recovery with aero-wrap


    Aero-Wrap was designed to move with you - hugging your calf and keeping you on the go.

  • woman showing how easy it is to apply the Aero-Wrap leg compression system

    Easy to Apply

    Hook and Loop straps make putting on and adjusting Aero-Wrap on easy as 1-2-3.

aero-wrap leg compression wrap with aerogauge hand pump

The AeroGauge™ Hand Pump

The AeroGauge Handpump has three settings, allowing you to easily apply the level of compression that is right for you.

Preset blow-off valves make dialing in pressure a cinch and allow you to "top up" compression throughout the day - keeping Aero-Wrap at effective compression levels — unlike other products that loosen over time and lose their effectiveness.

The Aero-Wrap™ Difference

How does Aero-Wrap compare to traditional compression products?