AeroWrap compression therapy leg wrap offers gradient, indelastic compression
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Compression Therapy Built for You

Chronic Swelling is Tough,

Compression Therapy Doesn't Have to Be

Feel the Aero-Wrap™ Difference

Aero-Wrap™ was designed to make compression therapy easier and more comfortable without sacrificing efficacy. A step forward in compression technology with an easy to apply design and air inelastic gradient compression.

Designed for all day wear, Aero-Wrap™ keeps you on the go!

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Compression Therapy Built for You

Compression Therapy Built for You

Chronic Leg Swelling is Tough,

Compression Therapy Doesn't Have to Be

Feel the Aero-Wrap™ Difference

Developed by leading clinicians, Aero-Wrap™ puts the power of next-generation compression therapy in your hands. The slip-on design, hook and loop straps, and thin and flexible fabrics, make Aero-Wrap™ easy and comfortable to wear. Aero-Wrap™ uses air inflation for compression, making it easy to apply and adjust measurable gradient compression, so you don't have to struggle with tight, pinching elastic materials or fabrics that loosen over time.

Easy to Apply

Adjustable Compression

Flexible and Mobile


All-Day Wear

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Two Great Ways to Enjoy Aero-Wrap™


Aero-Wrap™ is an easier, more comfortable way to effectively manage your chronic leg swelling and keep you on the go. With a slip-on design, hook and loop attachments, and thin and flexible fabrics Aero-Wrap™ brings the best in next generation compression technology. Simple to Use Compression. All Day Comfort. All Day Relief.

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Aero-Wrap Flex

Aero-Wrap™ Flex allows for maximum mobility while bringing easy to apply, comfortable compression technology to effectively manage your chronic leg swelling and keep you on the go. The separate elastic foot strap provides maximum mobility in the ankle region and gives you the ability to add foot compression on days you need it most.

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Why Compression?

Compression mechanically helps move excess fluid from the legs back into the body's circulation. Compression can help to reduce leg swelling, fluid build-up, and inflammation.

Inelastic compression from Aero-Wrap is great for when you're moving around and on the go. It helps keeps your muscles engaged and circulation flowing.

Intermittent pneumatic compression from AeroDVx is great for when you're sedentary. The rhythmic cycle engages your calf muscles, forcing fluid out in a form of biomimicry.

Standing Pressure

Non-working vein valves allow reflux (black-flow) of blood, causing pooling, swelling, and high pressure.

Working Pressure

Venous disease makes the calf muscle less effective at pushing blood from the legs back into circulation.

Weakened vein valves allow backwards flow of blood and leaves the body less able to push blood and fluid from the lower limbs back into circulation. If left unmanaged these conditions can progress into chronic venous disease. Compression therapy, or the external use of pressure, helps to manage the swelling and improve the circulatory flow.

Gradient Compression Therapy has a static effect, applying more compression distally (away from the heart) than proximally (closer to the heart), helping to prevent swelling of the anatomy.

Compression also has a dynamic effect, by squeezing the anatomy it enhances the effectiveness of the calf muscle during activity to push more fluid into circulation.

Achy, tired, heavy, and swollen feet and legs are common for patients with Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Lymphedema, and Venous Stasis Ulcers.

Compression Therapy is Important, but Not All Compression is the Same.

Learn More about Why Inelastic Compression is Effective for Managing Leg Swelling


Aero-Wrap sleeves

compression that looks and feels great

Leg compression designed to keep your legs feeling great, engineered with you in mind. Aero-Wrap™ Sleeves are made out of ultra-thin, soft, flexible nylon materials, so they comfortably hug your legs. The sleeves' internal air chambers inflate, giving you the benefits of Inelastic air compression. We've made these sleeves with all of the details - elastic inserts so they're form-fitting, and hook & loop straps so you can easily apply and adjust them. Plus, each Aero-Wrap™ sleeve comes with a detachable under-sock, making it easy to be worn for all day wear.

aeraye w/ aeroplus pump

active recovery that doesn't tie you down

Get all the benefits of Active Recovery Compression on the go, without compromises. The AeroPlus Pump is portable and weighs just 8oz, meaning that it goes where you go. The pump slips in your gym bag or your pocket, and we even give you an elastic belt that snaps in so you can even wear it during your cool-down. The Li-Ion rechargeable battery lasts 4-6 hours of continual use, giving your legs time to refresh and recover.

Aero-Wrap™/ aerogauge Handpump

All Day Compression, all day comfort

AeroGauge Handpump has three settings, allowing you to easily apply the compression that is right for you. Preset blow-off valves make dialing in pressure a cinch and allow you to "top up" compression throughout the day - keeping Aero-Wrap™ at effective compression levels unlike other products that loosen and lose their effectiveness over time.

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