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Venous Leg Ulcers

"I can finally clean my wound and take care of it with Aero-Wrap, in the comfort of my own home"

-Sarah K.

Recurring Venous Ulcer Patient

Clinical Background

A venous leg ulcer (VLU) is a difficult-to-heal open sore, often on the lower-leg near the ankle bone, caused by underlying venous disease.

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A venous leg ulcer (VLU) is a difficult-to-heal open sore, often on the lower-leg near the ankle bone, caused by underlying venous disease.

Normally veins in the leg bring blood back to the heart. Because this happens against gravity, there are numerous valves throughout your veins that keep flow going in one direction. When vein valves do not function properly and instead allow the back-flow of blood, blood begins to pool in your lower leg resulting in high pressure inside your veins.

High venous pressure, or venous hypertension, causes a number of issues - from aesthetic issues such as varicose/spider veins to more clinically advanced conditions such as pain, swelling, and skin changes. When left unmanaged, advanced venous disease produces a whole variety of factors underneath the surface that make you susceptible to developing a venous leg ulcer.

A VLU forms if these underlying factors are present and the skin breaks. VLUs are red, painful, ooze fluid, and don't heal like normal cuts. For them to heal both the wound and the underlying venous disease need to be taken into account. And after VLUs do heal, continued management of the underlying venous disease is required otherwise they are very likely to recur.

Treating Venous Leg Ulcers

Venous ulcers don't heal like a normal cut, because they aren't like a normal cut. Venous leg ulcers are open sores associated with underlying venous disease. There is a lot of detail involved, but the basics are pretty simple, to heal a venous leg ulcer one has to:

  1. Manage the wound, providing a healthy place for skin to regrow
  2. Manage the underlying venous disease, reversing the venous hypertension at the root of the problem.

Managing the Wound

Wound Dressings are used as a primary dressing on top of the venous leg ulcer to help provide a healthy place for skin to grow. VLU dressings, typically foam, are made to absorb the harmful fluid oozing from the wound (exudate) without totally drying the wound bed out. Wound dressings are changed frequently to keep the wound clean.

Managing the Underlying Venous Disease

Leg Compression is then applied on top of the wound dressing to address the underlying venous disease. Compression acts as an outside support to prevent swelling and by enhancing the body's natural ability to return fluid from the legs against gravity. Proper compression therapy reduces swelling, venous hypertension, and the underlying disease.

Sun Scientific Wound Care Solutions have been developed to manage venous leg ulcers in the clinic and at home.

AeroBolster™ Dressing with Air Bolster

Sun Scientific's patented AeroBolster™ Foam Dressing with Air Bolster, is a unique wound dressing designed specifically for the challenges of treating Venous Leg Ulcers.

  • Self-adherent silicone contact layer on a polyurethane foam pad provides easy application and gentle removal at dressing changes.
  • The foam pad absorbs discharge while maintaining a moist wound bed.

Proprietary Air Bolster is what sets AeroBolster™ Foam apart.

  • Used under a compression product, the Air Bolster’s air-filled 3D shape gently redistributes pressure along the entire wound bed, providing counter-compression and mechanical stimulation of the underlying tissue.


Aero-Wrap Gradient Compression System

Sun Scientific's FDA approved lower leg compression device known as Aero-Wrap™, provides constant reliable pressure at three different pressure levels, in order to tackle leg swelling for a variety of reasons.

  • Easy to Apply Velcro on
  • Adjustable, measurable compression
  • Maintain compression unlike bandages that loosen and lose effectiveness. Aero-Wrap can be refilled throughout the day for maximum effectiveness.
  • Easy access to dressing changes: open, change dressing, and reapply in seconds without unwinding or cutting bandages.

Aero-Wrap™ Flex Compression System

Managing VLU with Sun Scientific Products

Dress The Wound Site

Use AeroBolster™ Foam Medium Crescent, a silicone adhesive bolster, to protect the wound site. The dressings come in many shapes and sizes to effectively manage the wound.

Adjust The Wrap

Slip on the detachable under-sock and then position the wrap around the lower leg and adjust the flaps as needed until the wrap is fitting comfortably around the leg.

Inflate for Compression

The Aero-Gauge™ Hand Pump has three pressure levels making for a very unique static compression product where the user can adjust as needed between levels.

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Why Sun Scientific's Wound Care Solution is Better

Self applied, adjustable, measured compression

Clinical level of compression, doesn't lose stretch

Easy to open and close, allows for changing

AeroBolster™ dressing for localized compression

Can change dressings more frequently

Removable for showering and reapplication

Venous Ulcer Case Study

49 Days to Wound Closure!

A 79 year old female with chronic venous insufficiency and a large circumferential venous ulcer chose Aero-Wrap™ after a 2 years of no luck. She used the Aero-Wrap ™ with the Aerogauge™ on the highest pressure of 40-50mmHg. The dressings needed to be changed every 4-5 days in the beginning and once a week towards the end of healing.

Previous treatments that have failed include 2-layer and 4-layer compression bandages applied once weekly by visiting nurse services.

Sarah K.

"I've suffered from a recurring venous ulcer for 20 years"

After trying countless methods, Sarah was discouraged and defeated. It wasn't until she found Aero-Wrap that she finally found something that worked for her and would help to prevent the ulcers from recurring.

Before using Aero-Wrap

After using Aero-Wrap for only 3 weeks

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